Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bling My Truck

A couple of years ago some of our friends realized that there was a hole in the market for good quality expedition equipment.  With a vast amount desert driving experience, they quickly realized that at the time what was available on the market in Dubai was not up to scratch, so like any good team of entrepreneurs they set about making a plan to rectify the matter.

They searched high and low, scouring the four corners of this world for interesting, practical, useful products. After much hunting and many hours of research they found some really great stuff. With a combined total of over 40 years of experience in the desert (they grew up in it) they faced a small problem - not everything was exactly what they wanted - so inevitably they started making their own gear.

They product tested it all, and had a great time doing so, in the process they ended up with some really cool toys and extremely reliable gear – exactly what you need when you’re a million miles from help a hospital or general civilization.

David, Theresa and Cameron operate Bling My truck out of Dubai. They are constantly ordering new gear and bringing in even cooler toys and more practical equipment. Though it doesn’t stop there, if they don’t have what your looking for, they will find it for you and if you live in the UAE personally deliver it to your door.

The Bling My truck team joined us on my last trip to Dubai for our little adventure in the sand and despite the fact that we where in the bush for 4 days The Bling My Truck office was never far away. At this point thanks must be given to the guys who invented the iPad, the telephone and the Internet as Theresa spent a good amount of time in her mobile office checking on orders and talking to clients.

We played with a large number of toys, on one occasion … after one of the party became stuck, some green sand shoes where produced from one of the cars. These sand shoes have been specially made by Bling My Truck and are really great in the sense that can pop your car out of the sand when it gets stuck, though one must recommend that you tie a long rope to them as after they have efficiently and effectively performed their job they tend to try and find Australia, needing a bit of finding after they have performed their task!

We where also treated to some freeze dried army food. They kind that packs 500 calories into a bag the size of an apple! Bling My Truck have them in all sorts of flavors, we tried chicken curry and much to my surprise it tasted really good all things considered and all you did was add water – much like a pot noodle! They are light, easy to pack last forever and a day… well not quite but will happily sit in your supply box for 3 years and still be good to go.  I thought that they were a fantastic idea if you where going to go on a long trip and didn’t have the space for fresh foods, but they are also something that everyone should keep just on the off chance that you need some extra food!

The Halal Chicken Curry

 boil the kettle..

 Add the water to the dry food... and wait a few mins ...

 hay presto dinner al la army! 

The team can be contacted through their web site www.blingmytruck.com

Or you can find their telephone numbers here, they are a friendly bunch who really know their stuff so give them a call and see what they can do for you. 

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