The Idea Behind the Blog

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, that is thinking about starting a blog. Not for any other reason than for the fact that somebody needs to let everyone else know what’s going on in Greece – the side the media doesn’t show you.

I must admit that this blog will not so much be about the whole of Greece but about the eastern edge of Crete. You see I live in a small town called Sitia.

I moved over here about a year and a half ago to run a tourism project with my husband, given the pandemonium in the media and the political instability the plug was pulled on the project and so I have started a property development company. I only mention this because I think that it is important that you know I live and work here, I mix with the people on the streets and I listen to what they have to say. 

This blog I believe will be relevant to just about everywhere in Greece except for the big cities and as there are not so many of those I am going to use it to document the country way of life when the country is in such political turmoil.

In a way I am lucky to live here when I do, I had the chance to see Greece just before all the austerity measures were put into place and in a sense just before the people realised that they were about to be a part of the long hard haul back to reality – hopefully a brighter shinier future, but to get there, there are going to be hard times and I think that we are really only just seeing the beginning of those now.  

So this is my view, my opinion and my documentation of the things, which are going on around me. I do hope that you all find them of some interest.


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