Tuesday, 24 July 2012

the tiny beach

We found a new spot, which you’re, all going to love. You need a 4x4 to get down to it or you can park the car on the road and walk down. You will have to do some mountain goating and the rocks are a little bit loose but it will be well worth it.

Hanging out on the south coast just under 2kms from the kapsa monastery driving towards Goudaras is a small ravine. From the road it doesn’t look that appealing as someone has decided to empty their skip at the top. However if you drive a further 100m you will see a track heading towards the water leave your car here or engage four wheel drive and follow the track. The track will take you to the edge of a small cliff, which you will be able to climb down. For this beach I don’t recommend that you take small children as it is not the easiest decent and could be a bit much for them. Once your down you will find a very small private stone beach. The breeze comes down the mountain and the cliffs protect the water keeping it nice and calm, there are plenty of over hangs meaning that there will always be shade somewhere … the best of both worlds.

We clambered our way down to the beach to go for a swim, there where quite a few fish they where small but they were there. Other wise there was the underwater landscape was quite interesting, there are plenty of caves in the surrounding rocks, though please be careful, some of them you can swim into others should be given a wide birth

 The under water fights!! 

 How to get there - This is taken from google earth showing the road from Makri Gialos to Goudaras 

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