Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Sea Side, Cottage Cheese Pie

Apologies for taking a while to put this up.

A couple of weeks ago you may recall that we went to a friend’s sea side cottage for what was originally planned to be a drink that turned into lunch and then dinner!

One of our friends, in the spirit of all things super simple, knocked up an extremely tasty and super fast cheese pie.

Sea side cottages are lovely and generally have the best views, on Crete they are generally the original family homes once belonging to grandparents of parents and passed down from one generation to the next. They tend to be tiny and the kitchens in the older houses make the galley on a submarine look like the kitchen in a palace. Big enough for one person to operate, much like the galley on a submarine. The cheese pie was concocted on the balcony, which was a good thing as we got the chance to see how it was done.

You will need the following:

1          Packet of ready rolled filo pastry.
2          Large eggs.
1          Block of feta cheese.
150 g   tub of crème fraiche or cream.
2          Different grated cheeses, we used local sheep’s cheese but you can use anything. You will need about 200g of each.
            Olive oil for greasing.

Take a deep baking tray and grease with the olive oil. Line the baking tray with one sheet of pastry.

Break the block of feta cheese up with your hands and mix with the other two cheeses and then sprinkle all the cheese over the pastry.

Lightly beat the two eggs and add the crème fraiche / cream then pour 2/3 of the mixture over the cheese.

Cover the cheese with the second sheet of pastry and press the edges over to seal.

Puncture the top layer of pastry with a fork and then pour the remaining crème fraiche / cream and egg mixture over the top.

Place the pie in an oven set at 200ºC for 25 minutes or until the pastry has risen and cooked.

Take the pie out and leave it to rest for about 5 minutes to let the pastry settle down.

Cut, serve and enjoy!

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