Friday, 24 August 2012

Metohi Vai

Dinner last night was great, we though that we would head out for a change to a tavenra that is tucked away on the eastern peninsula, just before you fall of the island out of Europe and into well, Africa!

Metohi Vai is like a desert oasis, a collection on unassuming buildings hidden on the side of the road. They where once rooms in which the shepherds would take refuge when they where out watching over their flocks.
Times have change and the rooms have been converted into a tavena and small hotel / rooms for rent. Looking at them from the outside of the property they are nothing special and if it wasn’t for the big photographs on the out side you would be forgiven for driving straight past them, but the inside is really quite lovely. The property has been beautifully resorted to accommodate guests who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the season. The gardens are very pretty and each room has is own veranda to relax on.

We have been coming to the taverna since we moved to the island. On one of our more recent trips discovered the best steak for miles around. As cows are extremely rare on the island you can imagine that a good steak is almost impossible to find, but we have! So as we drove out there last night my mouth started to water at the prospect of steak for dinner.

At this point I must apologize for the photo quality they where taken on my phone with poor light. 

Over all the food is really very good at the taverna, the menu is vast and I have yet to be disappointed. The service is great and the owner is full of interesting information about his end of the island. I thoroughly recommend stopping for lunch or dinner.

If you would like to make a booking this is their web site. 

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