Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Food, glorious food - lunch

We made it to Chania in time for lunch and having found the hotel and thrown our bags into the room we headed out to feed our tummies.

We were immediately hit with options, almost everywhere we looked there was some sort of taverna or restaurant dishing out vast quantities of Greek food. This posed a problem as we were spoilt for choice ...

Eventually we had walked as far as our hunger pains would allow and we settled on a restaurant located in the ruins of a building. It had no roof or windows but did have a couple of reasonably large trees growing through the middle of what I assume was once a rather grand house, though instead of ancient oil paintings of rich merchant men there were rusty old bicycles hanging from the walls, which made us giggle and think of Dad.

Despite the fact the we thought we where hungrier than the whole African continent combined we new better than to order the whole menu as my eyes are most definately larger than my stomach.

In the end we had quite a simple lunch - some tzatziki, Dakos and stuffed vine leaves all washed down with a beer.

The food was very nice and all things considered ... we were in the middle of the most touristic town on the island … was not extortionately expensive. It was worth it just to sit in the ruined house/garden!

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