Monday, 1 October 2012

Oat Cookies

On Friday I ventured back into my kitchen … I say ventured back into the kitchen because my dear husband has kicked me out! He has decided that he is going to take over cooking the dinner, which I have to admit is a very much welcomed notion. He is after all a very good cook and has slightly more time on his hands these days than I do. So far he has produced some wonderful creations, which again I must admit I don’t think that I would ever come up with so, so far, so good!

With a kitchen ban I had a slight problem on my hands, the long and short of it was that I had to sneak back in when he wasn’t watching. Easier said than done. I then had to hunt around the cupboards for all the bits and pieces I needed as he in all his wisdom has decided to re distribute everything … its ok for him he now knows where he has hidden everything and I don’t have the foggiest!

After stumbling around my own kitchen I finally managed to locate all the bits a pieces I needed and proceeded to make the cookies as per the recipe, which I had found online. The cookies where lovely and so simple, however they where just too sweet for my taste buds to cope with, so I thought I would re engineer them. This would of course mean sneaking back into the kitchen…

The original recipe had flour, a heap of sugar and butter in the mix. I though that I would dispose of the flower and sugar completely. I had a couple of reasons for this. One my business partner who really liked them is not allowed flower and butter due to heath reasons and two I thought that they where just too sweet to be any good for the waistline.

To my surprise I managed it. I ditched the sugar completely, substituted the butter for an olive oil based spread and scrapped the flour completely replacing it with ground oats. I was pleasantly surprised with the out come. The cookies where light yet still nice and soft on the inside, the best part is that they are super simple to put together, you can have everything done in under half an hour.  

To make my new and as yet unnamed creation you will need the following:

1          Mug Oats
¼         Mug ground oats
½         Mug margarine or olive oil based spread
200g    Dried fruit
½         Mug seeds or unsalted nuts (anything you like)
3 tbls   Honey or golden syrup
50g      Chopped dark chocolate

I couldn't find ground oats - so i had to do it manually! 

Next up you will have to mix them together you can use a spoon but I always find using your hands best. Make sure that everything is mixed together really well. You should find that it come together pretty easily. One its all mixed up your going to make miniature mud balls! Squeeze small amounts of the mixture together to produce a compact oat ball about the same size as a golf ball.

The oat balls should be placed to a baking tray that you have covered with a sheet of non-stick baking paper. Line them all up and then take a water glass and press the balls down so that they are flattened and about 1cm thick. 

Next up place them into the oven for 18 mins and let the oven do its magic. After 18 mins pull them out and let them cool. Job done, yum!   If you have a huge sweet tooth then I recommend that you follow the original recipe which you can find it here. 

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