Wednesday, 10 October 2012

More food, glorious food – dinner …

Rested from our earlier excursion and having re-organised my father and brother’s weekends (more to follow on this) we decided to have a look down the back allies at the little shops and see what they were selling.

The first street seemed to sell nothing but leather, now given that we don't have many cows on the island I don't think I would be wrong is saying that the bags wallets, belts and shoes didn't come from Crete, walking down the street we were instantly transported to the Medinas of Morocco!

Further down the street Morocco spat us out and we were back in Greece, with shops selling olive oil and olive oil related products. I am a sucker for packaging and ended up splurging on some really nice olive oil shampoos and conditioner which are currently winding their way back to the uk for a birthday present - albeit a rather late present, I hope that I am forgiven!

By the time that we had had a look in quite a few shops and had been touted by more greasy Greek men than I care to admit - each one convinced that their restaurant was going to blow our minds away - we eventually found a back street one in the end of town which looked like it had never seen a tourist in its life before.  This we thought would be perfect ... Hmmm we were right and we were wrong. Mum was desperate for some calamari, as we had walked past we had seen a rather large plate which looked really fresh and tasty, the décor well, left much to be desired but we have eaten in some interesting places before and been pleasantly surprised so we thought why not?

A small bottle of ouzo later, a beer, some calimari and a cucumber salad and well we were done. The food was actually quite good, the service well ... it could have been better but what to do. I am not sure that I would return to the venue but that’s not the point, it did the job.

Having wandered around town earlier we had seen what looked to be the makings of a movie set and feeling somewhat nosey we thought we would have a look and see what it was all about ... this of course was what everyone else was doing and as the set was for a scene in what appeared to be the 1930's a heap of tourists in modern attire was not going to make great background material. In my mind this made me suspect that the director was going to wait until the wee hours when everyone was tucked up in their bed before they started filming.

So we thought we would have a cocktail .... a mojito later we headed off towards the hotel, it was after all almost midnight and ironically we walked passed a boat moored on the harbour front called Cinderella, I did wonder if it would turn into a pumpkin on the stroke of twelve.

Outside our hotel was what appeared to be a wine bar serving cheeses and meats alla italian style ... My eyes lit up at the thought of non Greek food and so we decided to have a glass of wine and a cheese plate. The glass of wine turned into a bottle (they didn’t serve the one we wanted by the glass) and the cheese plate turned into a cheese and cold meats plate.  The wine was recommended to us by the sommelier who was extremely knowledgeable, he was a very nice chap who had a lot to say about the area which we found very interesting.

The winery was called Vinerai, it stocked wines from all over Greece and offered simple plates of food – salads, cheeses and meats a bit more up market and with a slightly more European twist than most of the places in the area, it was very nicely decorated and all in all I would highly recommend it.

Eventually some time after two in the morning we made it back to our room and to our beds, tummy full, eyes closed.

Vineria Contact details:

36 Kallinikou Sarpaki, Chania

Tel: 00 30 28210 57590

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